thx for 2017

20.01.2017 Rotary #1 – Archiv Potsdam

18.04.2017 Foreign Bodies Private Party – Datscha

12.05.2017 Rotary #2 – Casino Potsdam

23.06.2017 EMW SoSeSause17 – Casino Potsdam

12.08.2017 Infamous Waldparty – Im Wald

26.08.2017 Die Bude Sommerfest – Kyritz

18.11.2017 Premieren- und 65-Jahrfeier – TJG Dresden



hello world!

i’m a potsdam based dj. my passion is electronic music. i like deep, melodic, positive, soulful and energetic tracks.

check out my page to explore what i mean…

for bookings contact my via facebook or email (ushabti(ät)

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